• · Brand orientation:
    The largest variety and most charming products. Competitive price in middle and high class circle, mainly for people who pursue personality, vogue and taste.

    ·  Brand belief:
    To win by our advantage, to prompt the network development by variety, show the fashion by personality, satisfy customer’s demand by popular orientation.

    · Product static: 
    From spring, summer to autumn, winter, from traditional to causal undergarment, from common to individual, from women’ to men’s, everything is available for your choice

    · Market static:

    Devote to supply Korean style products and make sure all year’s supply for chain shops.
    · Culture pattern: Humor joyful, beautiful and attractive

    · Product style:
    Novel, unique, bright, generously vogue and full of personality

    ·Product variety: 
    Dlosefitting bra, drawers, angel adjusting, Korean causal, Korean household, Korean keep warm, Korean fashion swimsuit total 7 series more than 300 types

    · Sales static:

    Unique policy, base on commons, focus on unique, develop for particular and unusual ones

    · Develop principle:
    Develop by innovation, research by completeness, working to stand the market competition and create brand value which full of energy and passion.

    · Business mode:
    “one-stop undergarment shopping environment, fashion underwear exhibition hall” supply everything you need! 


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